Decades of experience, a strong grasp on design, and superior manufacturing capabilities have ensured that Creative Garments is the market leader and exporter for fashion apparel.

Established in 1974, the Creative Group’s garments’ division has manufacturing and design expertise for woven and knitted fabrics. Our superior design capabilities and production infrastructure have enabled us to evolve into a leading exporter of high-fashion garments for men, women and children. Today, the Creative Group is the preferred partner for reputed global brands such as DKNY, Carrefour, US Polo, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and Zara amongst others.

Our ability to connect with the fashion-conscious consumer gives us a distinct advantage. With a state-of-the-art design studio and a creative design team that analyses global fashion trends, we are the one-stop destination for trendy, high- fashion apparel. Our marketing and design teams travel across the globe to analyse market trends and customer preferences that helps us build a strong industry presence.

Creative Garments
Our infrastructure

Our infrastructure






million apparel produced per annum



The Creative Group’s garment division is self-sufficient with five proprietary factories based in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gujarat in India, and two joint-ventures in Bangladesh. Washing and printing units within our factories keep the manufacturing process smooth.

Our designers are highly-qualified graduates from India’s premier design institutions. Our in-house design studio is equipped with the most advanced CAD (computer-aided design) software, embroidery and print designing, and embroidery-punching capabilities to meet customer and category-specific product designs. We offer four core collections and eight capsule collections for each category of our product range.

The design studio has a wide sourcing hand across India and China.

Our production facilities complement our design expertise. With a vertical production set up, global raw material sourcing capabilities and bifurcated production allocations based on product categories across India and Bangladesh, we are geared to meet challenging requirements and fulfil the most exacting delivery deadlines. Our textiles sub-division — Creative Textiles, provides in-house fabric processing, giving us a competitive edge in the market.

We offer the following in-house manufactured fabrics:

100% cotton yarn-dyed checks and Oxford fabrics

100% cotton piece-dyed poplin, voiles and cambric

55% cotton- 44% polyester yarn-dyed

65% cotton- 25% polyester- 10% spandex yarn-dyed

100% cotton twill piece-dyed and 100% viscose printed

100% Polyester/Poly Spandex

Our products

We offer a wide range of apparel in both knitted and woven fabrics to meet the demands of the fast-changing world of high-fashion.

Our certifications

We focus on fair working conditions and empower our employees through several induction programmes such as Health & Safety and Anti-sexual harassment workshops. Moreover, our factories and production facilities are fully compliant with the following certifications

Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Global Recycled Standard
Global Organic Textile Standard
Social Accountability Accreditation Services

Sustainability Sustainability

Apart from meeting industry compliance standards, we firmly believe that change is driven from the top. We are actively moving towards sustainable production as part of our Go-Green initiative. All our factories are equipped with effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. We are focused on waste reduction across all our departments and are looking at both capacity expansion to drive economies of scale as well as reducing the human-machine ratio through investments in machinery upgrades.

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